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 List of Our PSI Exam Prep Classes - in 3 locations; Tysons, Silver Spring (SS), and Woodbridge (WB)


     1. VA Class A Contractor License (Business) Course  - Tysons, WB; 20 hours

         1a. VA Class A Contractor License Course in Spanish - Tysons; 20 hours

     2. VA BLD Technical Exam Prep - Tysons, WB; 16 hours

     3. VA Class C Contractor's Mandatory 8-hour Pre-licensing - Tysons, WB

          (Our Class-C package including HIC exam prep); 16 hours

     4. MD MHIC Exam Prep Course - SS, Tysons; 8 hours

     5. HVAC Master/Journeyman Licensing Exam Prep (VA and MD)- Tysons; 30 hours

     6. Plumbing Master/Journeyman Licensing Exam Prep (VA and MD)- Tysons, WB; 30 hours

     7. ELE Master Licensing Exam Prep Courses (VA and MD) - Tysons; 30 hours

     8. ELE Journeyman Licensing Exam Prep Courses (VA &and MD) - Tysons; 30/48 hours

     9. Fire Alarm System NICET Level/I/II/III Certification Exam Prep 50-hr. Course - SS.

          [Courses for Your Requirements/Certification]

    10. VA DPOR Vocational Credit Course - Tysons, WB

           (HVAC, ELE, and PLB); 30 hours/session (up to 240 hours)

    11. Mastering Mechnnical Codes (2009/2012) Seminar - Tysons, WB

    12. VA Tradesman License 3-hr CE Seminar - Tysons

           (HVAC, ELE, PLB and Gas Fitting); 3 hours, except Has (1 hour).

    13. HVAC basic to CFC and R410A Certification Course - WB, SS; total 160 hours (max.)

            Certifications (CFC, R410A) course only; 30 hours

    14. EPA Lead RRP 8 hr Certification Course - Tysons

    15. Blueprint Reading and BLD Code Basics - Tysons, WB; 30 hours

    16. Home Inspection Certification course (winter time) - SS, Tysons; 75 hours

    17. ESL for Contracting Business - WB, Tysons; 30 hours/session


- formerly Millennium -
Our classes are offered at THREE locations
                                             Tysons Corner - Silver Spring - Woodbridge.VA MD contractor license 


Office Registration Hours
Tysons Corner
 Open tomorrow (Friday) noon - 6 pm
Saturday: VA contractor's mandatory Prelicensing seminar (10-5)

 Silver Spring

Open every Wednesday (3-6 pm).
Open every Tuesday (4-8 pm) and Saturday (9-12)
HVAC basic and CFC certification in Spanish on every Saturday (9-2)
Need Contractor Information as a Beginner?

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▶ VA Class-A (Business) Package, Regularly $644 - Now Only $495 !

▶ VA BLD (Specialty) Technical, Regularly $780 - Now Only $695 !
▶ MD MHIC Exam Prep, Regularly $360 - Now Only $295 !

▶ VA Class-C with Home Improvement Specialty - as low as $499 !
Includes 8-hr Prelicensing plus Home Improvement Contractor (HIC)
* Please note that you are required to pass the PSI exam(s) for all VA and MD contractor licenses.
You are required to pass a technical specialty test for VA Class A/B/C initial licensing.

* All exam materials are included. We deduct textbook costs if you bring your own.
No additional charge to re-attend classes within two months of original course date
until you pass the PSI exam!



 September Classes are Continuing with Special Fall Pricing

Silver Spring Location:

⇒ MD MHIC Class: every Wednesdays 4pm-8pm. 2 nights requirement to pass PSI exam.

⇒ "NEW" -  Fire Alarm (NICET certification) exam prep 50 hours to start from September
    Once & twice a week (in-turn, 5-8 pm) class for Level One and Two guaranteed 10 week course.

Tysons Corner Location

  Fast-track HVAC Master/Journeyman exam prep 5 night just started on every Tuesday (5-8 pm). 

  ELE Master exam prep 10 nights start from 10/3 (6-9 pm) and every Monday and Friday.

  Basic HVAC and ELE Vocational Training Courses 
     HVAC basic on every Tuesday (6 pm-9 pm), ELE basic every Wednesday (6-9 pm).  

     All credit hours counted by VA DPOR - meets the VA ELE and HVAC Journeyman licensing requirements.


     Again, you can have the cost of this training covered by federal financial support (many of our clients qualify).


▶ Woodbridge Location:

⇒ Basic HVAC and CFC Certification in Spanish Course on every Saturday (9-2). Meets the VA HVAC Vocational Traininfg qualification requirements.
    Targeting for both certifications - CFC and R410A; replacing R22 (after 160 class hours max.)

VA Class-A Business exam prep Course
    Every Tuesdays 5 pm-9 pm.

VA Class-A BLD Technical exam prep Course
    Every Thursdays 6 pm-10 pm - from 25th

⇒ VA Contractor's Home Improvement (HIC) exam prep Course from 9/26.
    Two (2) Fridays, 6 pm-9 pm




Eligible towards Journeyman Vocational Training Course for obtaining Journeyman Licensing

Eligible towards both VA and MD Contractor's Licensing

VA & MD Contractor Licensing/Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing
Ace Tech Institute is a WIA Financial Aid Training Provider as of 2012. Click below for details!


This federal aid is NOT A LOAN but a give-away grant. Many of our clients meet the eligibility requirements.



Federally Funded Financial Aid Program Information - click HERE
(This is NOT a loan, but grant money you do NOT have to pay back)





El Instituto Ace Tech Abre el Futuro a Nuestra Comunidad Hispana

El Programa de Técnico de Reparación de Aire Acondicionado y Calefaccion

en Ace Tech Institute está diseñado para capacitar a los estudiantes para

una posición de nivel de entrada en el aire acondicionado y la industria de Refrigeración.


Aire Acondicionado

Electricidad Basica      


con el Sistema de HVAC








book pictures1


Horario:   9 am - 2 pm (Saturdays); 6 pm - 9 pm (Mondays)

Costo: $ 2,950.-  ( contamos con financiamiento) incluyen el libro Tecnologia de Refrigeracion y Aire Acondicionado


                       ESL for Construction Business

Having trouble dealing with paper work/documentation? Take these 10 night ESL Class for Construction Business. Part-A covers Basic English Grammar and Business English. Part-B covers English for Construction business. Each class meets once/twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays (6-9 pm), at our Tysons/Woodbridge location.

                          Please call us (703) 298-4556 for the registration questions. 


  Exceptional Classes, Exceptional Instructors, Exceptional Results!   



   Special NEWS since 2012.

Additional Mandatory (Specialty) Exam required for Class A, B, and C contractor's license (VA)
Effective 2012, contractors are required to take technical exams for the specialties they put on their licenses. This applies to Class A, B and C licenses.
▶ One of the significant changes within the new VA DPOR Board regulations includes a technical examination requirement for Qualified Individuals (QI). Each specialty applied for the QI of the firm must successfully pass the examination specific to that specialty.

Please refer to PSI exam info

▶ Please note that our monthly BLD specialty exam prep course in two (2) locations, in Tysons and Woodbridge.  

  - Tysons location: 3 Saturdays (9 am - 1 pm) on the first 3 Saturdays (every month).

  - Woodbridge location: 3 Thursdays (6-10 pm) on the last 3 Thursdays (every month).


▶ HIC specialty prep course will meet 2  nights in two (2) locations, Tysons and Woodbridge.

  - Tysons location: 2 Thursdays (6-9 pm) every month.

  - Woodbridge location: 2 Fridays (6-9 pm) every month. 


Ace Tech Millenium

▶ Bringing a decade of experience in quality classroom instruction and over 15 years' teaching experience, Ace Tech Institute (ATI) is committed to excellence in education.  Visit ContractVA.com for all your licensing and license training needs. Over 4,800 ATI clients have become licensed contractors in Virginia and Maryland. We have successfully prepared students for the profession of Contractor through our complete, personable in-class programs. By taking our courses, licensees have gained leadership in various areas of specialization. We provide high-quality, comprehensive, and accessible training opportunities that respond to ever-changing construction industry demands. Our goal is to enable you to reach your professional potential in order to better face competition within the marketplace.  

Does My Company Have to be Licensed if We Are Just a Subcontractor?

There is no difference between prime contractors or subcontractors when it comes to licensing requirements.
See www.dpor.virginia.gov for details.


Lead Paint Crackdown on Re-modelers

Several companies have been fined for lead paint violations for
not complying with the certification requirements including education requirement.

Ace Tech's EPA Lead RRP 8-hr Certification Training Class is only $175 (pre-class registration fee).

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Unlicensed Contractors crackdown for Superstrom Sandy damages...
NY Field Investigators rush on claiming Unlicensed contractors working on the
Superstorm Sandy damages, shown Thursday NBC News, even cutting damaged trees.

Click Here for Article



A Stepping Stone to Successful Business!

▶ Display contractor & MEP licenses, VA & MD, on your company website to make a great impression on your clients!

▶ Only work performed by LICENSED contractors is eligible for reimbursement from state government funds for financial damages, including a "Recovery Fund" of up to $20k in VA and a "Guarantee Fund" recently raised to $20k in MD (unbelievable that "maximum six (6) month jail term

▶ Make a smart, secure autumn start! Becoming a LICENSED contractor is a great investment for your business.



Our current PSI exam passing rate for first-timer is nearly 95%.  We want 100% success for all of our clients!  Shoud you fail at first, you are eligible to repeat your course for FREE up to two months of the date of the course for which you originally completed!

Unsure of your ability to pass the PSI exam the first time?  If you take our Vocabulary Test on the first day of the class and pass with the score of 70% or higher, your retake cost will be paid by us if you fail the first time.



I. State of VA DPOR Authorized Courses:

▶ 8-Hour Prelicensing Business Course
Required for all initial contractor license applications.
This class is held 3 times a month.

▶ HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing Courses
Formal vocational training ranging anywhere from 40-240 hours to train for PSI Journeyman exams.

▶ Tradesman Licensee's 3-Hour CE Seminar
Required for license renewal on ELE, HVAC, Plumbing for 3 hours. Gas fitting for 1 hour.

II. State of MD DLLR Authorized Courses:

▶ Certified Home Inspector Course
Total of 72 training hours required for classroom curriculum.
Re-starts in Spring-time at Woodbridge/Silver Spring over a 10 week period.

III. EPA Lead RRP Authorized Training Course:

▶ 8-Hour Certification Course
Renovator Initial Course.
You will obtain your EPA Lead Certificate after completing the 8-hour class.
*EPA accreditation: The course is approved for the purposes of certification under Section 402 of TSCA for the respective discipline.

IV. Licensing Exam Preparation Courses:

▶ VA Contractor Class-A Exam Prep
5 days course offered monthly in the evenings at Tysons Corner and evenings at Woodbridge.

*** 8-Hour Prelicensing Certificate is required as a prerequisite.
See Package Course if you have not already taken the VA 8-Hour Prelicensing Course.

VA Package Course EN ESPAGNOL. Oprima a la mano izquierda para leer en espanol. Wednesday nights 6-10 pm.

▶ MD MHIC Exam Prep
Two days, total 8-hour course offered weekly in Silver Spring.
Or, one day course offered monthly in Tysons Corner.

EN ESPAGNOL every Friday in Silver Spring.

There is much overlap in content between this course and the VA Class-A course (which is only 6-hours), but this course is 8-hours due to the added content of MD regulations (55 questions).

▶ Electrical Master License Prep (VA & MD)
Course repeats every three (3) months in Tysons Corner.
Total 30-hour, guaranteed course in 10 nights (twice a week).

▶ Master HVAC Exam Prep (VA & MD)
Total 30 hour course in 10 nights.
The exam prep course is on-going now (once and twice a week; 6pm-9 pm).

▶ Journeyman Formal Vocational Training HVAC & Electrician Course
Maximum 240 hours - authorized by VA DPOR.
Starts in Winter in Woodbridge.

▶ VA BLD Contractor Exam Prep Course (monthly)
Total 20 hours (12 hour class, plus 8 hour PSI exam review) - offered every Saturday (9 am-1 pm).
Cost is now $695. Includes all 5 text materials (3 exam textbooks + 2 reference material) with focus on passing the PSI test the first time.

Please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you soon in the classroom!



Teaching for Ace Tech (P/T)


We welcome great teachers and new course ideas - online or classroom.
We are also looking for office assistants.
Please email your resume to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


* Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) preferred.



Inclement Weather Policy:

Our classes will be canceled when Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) announces delays or cancels classes due to inclement weather.  Delays or cancellations are anounced at our Web site, www.contractVA.com.